4 Must Visit Paris Attractions

Are you in the process of preparing for a trip to Paris France? If yes, it is important to make your travel agreement. After this agreement is completed, you can shift your concentration to your vacation assignments. the positive thing is there are no shortcomings so you can do and see in Paris. All attractions are worth a visit, but there are 5 stops that you have to do. These four stops are stated below for your convenience.

1 – The Eiffel Tower

A trip to Paris is not a trip to Paris without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. For many, looking for this architectural wonder is enough, but do you know that you can spend one day inside? Yes you can. many who are unfamiliar with the Eiffel Tower are surprised to learn that there are boutiques, souvenir shops, cafes, suitable dining restaurants, historic exhibits, and more. The trip to the tower is best known, but the second floor is a place for a beautiful Parisian look, which is wheelchair accessible.

As stated earlier, you can spend one day at the Eiffel Tower. For trips to the best known, start your day early. The main elevator and stairs only reach the second floor. A separate elevator is needed to go up to the best known level. In the peak holiday season, especially summer, waiting is not planned. With that mentioned, waiting is one step from vain.


2 – The Louvre

Throughout Paris and much of France, you will find many museums open to the public. These museums are all worth a visit, because each has its own charm; However, stopping at the Louvre is recommended. if honestly, it requires more than just a quick stop, but a day or at least one afternoon of exploration. Why? for the reason that the Louvre, is home to around 35,000 works of art. It is one of the most famous and comes to visit art museums in the world.

When visiting the Louvre, you can see famous paintings and drawings from prominent artists, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. The museum is also home to Egyptian antiques, Islamic art, sculpture and decorative arts. autonomous and guided tours can be accessed.

3 – The Arc de Triomphe

Apart from the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe is one of Paris’s most common and prominent attractions. This is one of the biggest victory arches in the world, the second largest for accuracy. This is the residence of a small museum, the tomb of an unknown soldier from World War I, and an eternal flame.

From the road surface, the Arc de Triomphe produces for amazing photos, but you are advised to enter. The 284-step climb will take you to the top, where you will find beautiful views of Paris. With cheap entry rates and curvy hours, these Paris landmarks are considered a must visit.

4 – The Cathedrale of Notre Dame de Paris

Cathedrale of Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most prominent Roman Catholic churches in the world. Although many paintings, sculptures, furniture, and other displays in them have religious themes, you can still enjoy a visit to this historic site regardless of the facts of your religion. further to a guided and autonomous tour of the main building, you can also visit the Tower and the Basement.

The most famous sights from the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris are very popular and recommended, but only those who have good health are advised to travel. There is no elevator, but 387 stairs.

As stated earlier, there is no shortage of tasks and attractions in and around the City of Paris. You are advised to visit as many sights as possible, but Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre are in the top ranks.

5 Must Visit Museums in Paris France

Balanced, this is one of the most famous attractions in Paris. 5 other museums, in addition to the Louvre that has been visited, which are considered mandatory to visit briefly are listed below.

1 – Musee Bourdelle

Antoine Bourdelle is a famous French instructor and sculptor. positioned in the 15th Arrondissement and on 18 Rue Antoine Bourdelle, you will find the Musee Bourdelle. This museum is positioned in the former residence and garden of this extraordinary sculptor. It was Bourdelle’s own plan to turn her studio into a museum. apart from the plan that began in the 1930s, it was not until 1949 that construction was completed.

Since it was first inaugurated, this museum has developed twice. Now it is home to more than 5 hundred works of art. You will find paintings, sculptures, statues, pastels, and sketches of various kinds of artists. very few of these artists included Bourdelle, Eugene Delacroix, Pierre Puvis, and Auguste Rodin.


Musee Bourdelle is the perfect place for tourists who want to visit a large art museum, but with a little look and feel.

2 – Musee Galliera

Today, Paris is often called the fashion capital of the world, but do you know the role that fashion plays in its history? You can understand at the Musee Galliera. The construction of the palace that houses Musee Galliera was ordered by the Duchess of Galliera. It has been a fashion museum since 1977.

When visiting the Musee Galliera, you will find temporary and consistent exhibitions. This exhibition was separated into the classification of graphic arts, underwear, accessories, and costumes. Pieces are from the 18th century to the present. Up to 80,000 clothes can be found on the screen at certain times. Musee Galliera is perfect for those who like fashion and history.

3 – Carnavalet Museum

The Carnavalet Museum is a large museum committed to Paris and its history. The museum is housed in two buildings, this includes the Carnavalet Hotel and the Peletier Hotel. The history of Paris from prehistoric times is told through the use of statues, furniture, architecture, scale models, and paintings.

To see the true and immediate history of Paris, step outside towards Catacombs. Old tunnels were excavated when the construction of Paris began in the early days. Then, they were used to accommodate 7 million people who died. This is partly due to the closure of the cemetery in Paris. in line with the official website for the City of Paris, this happened in the 19th century.

Anyone who wants to do more than see famous places in Paris, but besides learning about their history, must plan to stop at the Carnavalet Museum.

4 – Museum d’Art Moderne

The Moderne Museum d’Art was built in 1937 for the International Art Exhibition. In the early 1960s it was transformed into an art museum. there are more than 8,000 artworks present. Most works of art date from the 20th century, when art became more “trendy.”

This museum is considered a must visit for fans of art, and also those who need a break from the wonders of the elderly Paris.

5 – Crypte Archeologique du Parvis de Notre-Dame

Under the Notre-Dame Cathedral Square, you will find an archaeological cellar. The basement, regardless of what is systematically not called a museum, has a wealth of property. in line with the Paris City website, items removed from the city’s historic offices and items found from 1965 and then the whole city has found a safe place here.

Those who like to see untapped treasure nearby and will personally enjoy the visit of the Crypte Archeologique du Parvis de Notre-Dame.

As a reminder, the museums above are very few called the Paris residence. Visit the official website for the City of Paris or request a free travel guide for additional information about other field museums.

5 Must Visit Attractions in London England

Are you in the fog preparing for a trip to London, England? If so, you might be wondering what you can do and see when you are there. accepted, there are thousands of places you can visit, this includes landmarks, museums, shops and restaurants, there are 5 tourist attractions that you must visit. These attractions, some of which are outlined below, travel to London which is worth the trip.

1 – Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the most prominent landmark in all of London. Over the years, it changed hands many times and underwent many restoration projects. That was in 1837 when it became the residence of royalty. The first king to live there was Queen Victoria. At present, the palace is the residence of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. This is also used for administrative purposes. if true, it is one of the few castles left in the world.

If you are traveling to London in August or September, you can visit the Palace State Rooms. The tour is only accessible during the summer. throughout the year, you will find Change of protection. On average, a protection ceremony change occurs every day. A visit to the nearby Queen’s Gallery is also recommended.


2 – The London Eye

The London Eye, better known as the Millennium Wheel, is positioned in the Kensington and Chelsea area in London on Westminster Bridge Road. This is one of the most common attractions in London.

The London Eye is a large Ferris wheel. He is 443 feet tall. as a result of its popularity, you might consider waiting a long time, but that is actually rare. if honest, most buy tickets ordered. There are 32 capsules and up to 25 people can load them. 30 minutes long, the trip with the London Eye makes it easy for you to see London as you have never seen before and up to 25 miles away.

3 – The Houses of Parliaments

Located on Westminster Road in the Westminster and St. neighborhood James in London, you will find the Houses of Parliament. Its Gothic architecture produces this landmark quite interesting, but its history is as important and beautiful.

The Parliament Building has been the residence of the British government for 900 years! It is located on 8 hectares of land. It is also home to 1,100 rooms, 11 pages and 100 stairs. Guided tours can also be accessed.

4 – The Westminster Abbey

Westminster Monastery is a famous London attraction. if the truth is told, it attracts one million. visitors every year! Located on Westminster and St. James in London at 20 Dean’s Yard.

Westminster Monastery is referred to as a “medieval architectural masterpiece.” Over the years, it has become a place of residence for many kingdom events. The official website calls it “a lively British history contest.” Inside, you will find a museum that houses various 13th century works of art and the Church of St. Margaret. When visiting, you can decide on guided tours, autonomous tours with the use of audio guides, or you can be part of Sunday church services.

5 – The London Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is positioned on Tower Hill in the neighborhood of Waterloo and Southwark in London. Despite the fact that you might not identify the name, you will structure when it comes to your view. This is one of the most famous attractions in London and has been featured in many films and books.

Tower Bridge consists of two towers with two elevated connecting lines and a functioning bascule bridge below. The elevated sidewalk is a place to live to see certain windows, which does not hinder the quality of your photos. On the spot, you will find a small museum that has interactive exhibits, as well as historical films screened.

Although being able to tour the Tower Bridge independently, the scenes behind the scenes and night tours present a once-in-a-lifetime possibility for American tourists.