3 History Museums in London Reviewed

Are you preparing for a trip to London, England? Although Buckingham Palace and London Tower Bridge are all considered to be visiting tourist attractions, you must take part in one assignment. The task is to learn about the history of London and England. What’s positive is that you can do this in one of the many London field history museums.

Because you have several historical museums to choose from, you might wonder which museum is worth visiting. continue reading to understand.

1 – The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum is positioned on Lambeth Road. Unlike many other historical museums, this museum is perfect for individuals of all ages. if honestly said, children are known to like that experience. except for a constant and temporary display, fun tasks are planned for children and adults based on scheduled habits.


As for what you will find inside, you will be surprised. There is a large exhibition hall dedicated only to human-sized war memorabilia. You will find military weapons, these include the Mark V Tank from 1919, sea weapons, and air guns. many from World War I and II. Other exhibitions have been in the spotlight of war since 1945, crimes that are against humanity, secret warfare, and an art gallery are also inside the hotel.

Regarding what guests should mention about the Imperial War Museum, many enjoy this size show. Others comment on the fact that the museum highlights the tragedy and victory of war.

2 – Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Museum

The British War Museum at Winston Churchill is on Tooley Street. even though it is open every day, the museum is famous for its short hours, so check the openings before traveling.

When you step into Winston Churchill’s Britain at the War Museum, you will learn how it feels to be in the middle of a war, namely World War II. except for general department stores that are bombed and air raid shelters, you can read, listen to, and examine items that are historically important. These include old radio broadcasts from Winston Churchill, candle models, newspaper clippings, films, and more.

This museum is also known to serve individuals and families. Children are advised to test their war knowledge after the visit. They can do it with a free worksheet.

In today’s society, we rarely have a company understanding of wartime. For those who are in the U.S., the war that took place today occurred in foreign lands. So, if you are an American who visits London, stopping at Winston Churchill’s Britain at the War Museum is a must visit. because of the level of reality, it will be an experience that you will not forget.

3 – The Houses of Parliament

The Parliament Building is positioned on Westminster Road. even though it’s not constantly referred to as a museum, a visit will feel as if you have just stepped out. The only difference is that you don’t need to pay to enter, because admission is free.

As for how the Parliament Building is so important to London’s history, this is where the British government operates, for 900 years! There is a lot of history in this property. You not only have to see this beautiful landmark from the outside, but also from inside. You will find Crypt Church, Members Lobbies, and Westminster Hall.

As for what the visitors mentioned, many recommend going inside. However, if the wait is long, the view from the outside must be enough to please you, as happened to many previous visitors. When standing outside, you will see incredible Ben and many other historic landmarks in the neighborhood.

As a recapitulation, the Parliament Building, Winston Churchill’s Britain at the War Museum, and the Imperial War Museum are 3 historic museums in London which received extraordinary ratings and suggestions. For other museums, including those that focus on art, please read the printed travel guide or the internet.

3 Paris Canals Worth the Visit

In Paris, you will find hundreds of field attractions. These attractions include monuments, museums, churches, and other historic landmarks. many are seen by first-time visitors. Unfortunately, there are important and beautiful parts of Paris that tend to fly under the radar. That is the canal system. Even though you might not consider the Paris canal as a tourist attraction that must be visited, actually it is.

1 – Canal Saint-Denis

According to the official website for the City of Paris, the Canal Saint-Denis stretches from Parc de la Villette to the closure of the Seine River. 6.6 kilometers long. Passing through many villages and cities, this includes Saint-Denis. The Saint-Denis Canal, which was once only used for transporting goods, is now an additional travel technique for passenger ships, this includes small cruises.

2 – Canal de l’Ourcq

According to the official website for the City of Paris, the Canal de l’Ourcq stretches for 110 kilometers. The use of 10 main channels keeps the water calm and safe for travel. Most of the Canal de l’Ourcq is known for its industrialization, such as the large port commonly used along the road. In terms of tourism, a stretch of canal near La Ferte-Milon has become very popular and recommended. It looks perfect. This stretch of canal is part of the Ourcq River canal.


3 – Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint-Martin, which was once a highly trafficked shipping route, has reduced commercial traffic. This produces an absolute Saint-Marin Canal canal to visit, in terms of tourism and assignments. in accordance with the official website of the City of Paris, he connected the River Seine with Bass de la Villette. The canal uses two swing bridges and 9 locks.

Now that you know 3 Paris canals, you can wonder why you should visit them. Apart from everything, a canal does have an important history, but it looks like it’s just a puddle of water. Not in Paris, because there is so much you can do on or on the canal, this includes :

1 – Take a Cruise

Many companies differ on all three channels offering cruise ships that are open to the public. As for which cruise is right for you, it depends on your personal options. What do you need to see? absolute small villages seen in the Saint-Denis Canal. What form of cruise do you like? There are sightseeing tours, dinner cruises, lunch cruises and private tours.

2 – Take a Walk or Bike Ride

Do you have exercise habits that you want to maintain while on vacation? Instead of finding a fitness center, canal road cycling. Canal Saint-Martin has several absolute bicycle lanes throughout Paris. Not only that, it is a perfect stop for those on a romantic vacation. You and your partner can enjoy romantic walks along the side of the canal, across the pedestrian bridge and through mysterious romantic tunnels.

3 – Take Pictures

There is no complete trip to Paris without photos. actually, you might find yourself photographing hundreds of photos! Despite the fact that the Paris canal you choose to visit, you will find interesting moments and sights that produce beautiful photos. Dome tunnels along the Saint-Martin Canal are worthy of documentation, as well as transport vessels that cross the Saint-Denis Canal and Canal de l’Ourcq.