4 Must Visit Paris Attractions

Are you in the process of preparing for a trip to Paris France? If yes, it is important to make your travel agreement. After this agreement is completed, you can shift your concentration to your vacation assignments. the positive thing is there are no shortcomings so you can do and see in Paris. All attractions are worth a visit, but there are 5 stops that you have to do. These four stops are stated below for your convenience.

1 – The Eiffel Tower

A trip to Paris is not a trip to Paris without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. For many, looking for this architectural wonder is enough, but do you know that you can spend one day inside? Yes you can. many who are unfamiliar with the Eiffel Tower are surprised to learn that there are boutiques, souvenir shops, cafes, suitable dining restaurants, historic exhibits, and more. The trip to the tower is best known, but the second floor is a place for a beautiful Parisian look, which is wheelchair accessible.

As stated earlier, you can spend one day at the Eiffel Tower. For trips to the best known, start your day early. The main elevator and stairs only reach the second floor. A separate elevator is needed to go up to the best known level. In the peak holiday season, especially summer, waiting is not planned. With that mentioned, waiting is one step from vain.


2 – The Louvre

Throughout Paris and much of France, you will find many museums open to the public. These museums are all worth a visit, because each has its own charm; However, stopping at the Louvre is recommended. if honestly, it requires more than just a quick stop, but a day or at least one afternoon of exploration. Why? for the reason that the Louvre, is home to around 35,000 works of art. It is one of the most famous and comes to visit art museums in the world.

When visiting the Louvre, you can see famous paintings and drawings from prominent artists, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. The museum is also home to Egyptian antiques, Islamic art, sculpture and decorative arts. autonomous and guided tours can be accessed.

3 – The Arc de Triomphe

Apart from the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe is one of Paris’s most common and prominent attractions. This is one of the biggest victory arches in the world, the second largest for accuracy. This is the residence of a small museum, the tomb of an unknown soldier from World War I, and an eternal flame.

From the road surface, the Arc de Triomphe produces for amazing photos, but you are advised to enter. The 284-step climb will take you to the top, where you will find beautiful views of Paris. With cheap entry rates and curvy hours, these Paris landmarks are considered a must visit.

4 – The Cathedrale of Notre Dame de Paris

Cathedrale of Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most prominent Roman Catholic churches in the world. Although many paintings, sculptures, furniture, and other displays in them have religious themes, you can still enjoy a visit to this historic site regardless of the facts of your religion. further to a guided and autonomous tour of the main building, you can also visit the Tower and the Basement.

The most famous sights from the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris are very popular and recommended, but only those who have good health are advised to travel. There is no elevator, but 387 stairs.

As stated earlier, there is no shortage of tasks and attractions in and around the City of Paris. You are advised to visit as many sights as possible, but Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre are in the top ranks.

5 Must Visit Museums in Paris France

Balanced, this is one of the most famous attractions in Paris. 5 other museums, in addition to the Louvre that has been visited, which are considered mandatory to visit briefly are listed below.

1 – Musee Bourdelle

Antoine Bourdelle is a famous French instructor and sculptor. positioned in the 15th Arrondissement and on 18 Rue Antoine Bourdelle, you will find the Musee Bourdelle. This museum is positioned in the former residence and garden of this extraordinary sculptor. It was Bourdelle’s own plan to turn her studio into a museum. apart from the plan that began in the 1930s, it was not until 1949 that construction was completed.

Since it was first inaugurated, this museum has developed twice. Now it is home to more than 5 hundred works of art. You will find paintings, sculptures, statues, pastels, and sketches of various kinds of artists. very few of these artists included Bourdelle, Eugene Delacroix, Pierre Puvis, and Auguste Rodin.


Musee Bourdelle is the perfect place for tourists who want to visit a large art museum, but with a little look and feel.

2 – Musee Galliera

Today, Paris is often called the fashion capital of the world, but do you know the role that fashion plays in its history? You can understand at the Musee Galliera. The construction of the palace that houses Musee Galliera was ordered by the Duchess of Galliera. It has been a fashion museum since 1977.

When visiting the Musee Galliera, you will find temporary and consistent exhibitions. This exhibition was separated into the classification of graphic arts, underwear, accessories, and costumes. Pieces are from the 18th century to the present. Up to 80,000 clothes can be found on the screen at certain times. Musee Galliera is perfect for those who like fashion and history.

3 – Carnavalet Museum

The Carnavalet Museum is a large museum committed to Paris and its history. The museum is housed in two buildings, this includes the Carnavalet Hotel and the Peletier Hotel. The history of Paris from prehistoric times is told through the use of statues, furniture, architecture, scale models, and paintings.

To see the true and immediate history of Paris, step outside towards Catacombs. Old tunnels were excavated when the construction of Paris began in the early days. Then, they were used to accommodate 7 million people who died. This is partly due to the closure of the cemetery in Paris. in line with the official website for the City of Paris, this happened in the 19th century.

Anyone who wants to do more than see famous places in Paris, but besides learning about their history, must plan to stop at the Carnavalet Museum.

4 – Museum d’Art Moderne

The Moderne Museum d’Art was built in 1937 for the International Art Exhibition. In the early 1960s it was transformed into an art museum. there are more than 8,000 artworks present. Most works of art date from the 20th century, when art became more “trendy.”

This museum is considered a must visit for fans of art, and also those who need a break from the wonders of the elderly Paris.

5 – Crypte Archeologique du Parvis de Notre-Dame

Under the Notre-Dame Cathedral Square, you will find an archaeological cellar. The basement, regardless of what is systematically not called a museum, has a wealth of property. in line with the Paris City website, items removed from the city’s historic offices and items found from 1965 and then the whole city has found a safe place here.

Those who like to see untapped treasure nearby and will personally enjoy the visit of the Crypte Archeologique du Parvis de Notre-Dame.

As a reminder, the museums above are very few called the Paris residence. Visit the official website for the City of Paris or request a free travel guide for additional information about other field museums.

5 Must Visit Attractions in London England

Are you in the fog preparing for a trip to London, England? If so, you might be wondering what you can do and see when you are there. accepted, there are thousands of places you can visit, this includes landmarks, museums, shops and restaurants, there are 5 tourist attractions that you must visit. These attractions, some of which are outlined below, travel to London which is worth the trip.

1 – Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the most prominent landmark in all of London. Over the years, it changed hands many times and underwent many restoration projects. That was in 1837 when it became the residence of royalty. The first king to live there was Queen Victoria. At present, the palace is the residence of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. This is also used for administrative purposes. if true, it is one of the few castles left in the world.

If you are traveling to London in August or September, you can visit the Palace State Rooms. The tour is only accessible during the summer. throughout the year, you will find Change of protection. On average, a protection ceremony change occurs every day. A visit to the nearby Queen’s Gallery is also recommended.


2 – The London Eye

The London Eye, better known as the Millennium Wheel, is positioned in the Kensington and Chelsea area in London on Westminster Bridge Road. This is one of the most common attractions in London.

The London Eye is a large Ferris wheel. He is 443 feet tall. as a result of its popularity, you might consider waiting a long time, but that is actually rare. if honest, most buy tickets ordered. There are 32 capsules and up to 25 people can load them. 30 minutes long, the trip with the London Eye makes it easy for you to see London as you have never seen before and up to 25 miles away.

3 – The Houses of Parliaments

Located on Westminster Road in the Westminster and St. neighborhood James in London, you will find the Houses of Parliament. Its Gothic architecture produces this landmark quite interesting, but its history is as important and beautiful.

The Parliament Building has been the residence of the British government for 900 years! It is located on 8 hectares of land. It is also home to 1,100 rooms, 11 pages and 100 stairs. Guided tours can also be accessed.

4 – The Westminster Abbey

Westminster Monastery is a famous London attraction. if the truth is told, it attracts one million. visitors every year! Located on Westminster and St. James in London at 20 Dean’s Yard.

Westminster Monastery is referred to as a “medieval architectural masterpiece.” Over the years, it has become a place of residence for many kingdom events. The official website calls it “a lively British history contest.” Inside, you will find a museum that houses various 13th century works of art and the Church of St. Margaret. When visiting, you can decide on guided tours, autonomous tours with the use of audio guides, or you can be part of Sunday church services.

5 – The London Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is positioned on Tower Hill in the neighborhood of Waterloo and Southwark in London. Despite the fact that you might not identify the name, you will structure when it comes to your view. This is one of the most famous attractions in London and has been featured in many films and books.

Tower Bridge consists of two towers with two elevated connecting lines and a functioning bascule bridge below. The elevated sidewalk is a place to live to see certain windows, which does not hinder the quality of your photos. On the spot, you will find a small museum that has interactive exhibits, as well as historical films screened.

Although being able to tour the Tower Bridge independently, the scenes behind the scenes and night tours present a once-in-a-lifetime possibility for American tourists.

5 Great Places to Shop in London England

Are you in the fog preparing for a trip to London, England? If so, you may have known which landmarks you need to visit. regardless of everything, a trip to the City of London is incomplete without seeing Buckingham Palace, taking a tour of the Parliament Building, or riding the London Eye. That way, don’t rule out daily tasks. Even though you are traveling on a limited budget and have limited cash for souvenirs, there are still extraordinary shops below.

1 – The Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market is one of the largest antiques markets in the world. Located in the Kensington and Chelsea area in London.

On Saturday, when the market opens, you will find a row of setups by antique dealers and other vendors. for sale you can find various items, including clothing, crafts, books and art. apart from Portobello Road Market only open on weekends, shops are closed open all week.


2 – The LK Bennett

Whether you want to pay for a new pair of shoes or if you want to browse one of the absolute shops in London, stop at LK Bennett notified. LK Bennett is a shop located at 130 Long Acre near the Covent Garden neighborhood. It comes mainly assessed and recommended by those who like fashion.

Available for sale, you will find many choices of shoes such as designers. These shoes include mules, boots, high heels, flats, and more. besides, accesible is a small choice of clothes, many of which fit their shoes. Friendly staff members will help you, regardless of your intention to make a purchase.

3 – New Age Mysteries

New Age Mysteries is located on 9 Monmouth Street in the Covent Garden area. regardless of whether your top-ranking store is located, this store is expanded among tourists and residents.

In New Age Mysteries, you will find a large selection of books on some of the most interesting topics, including paranormal. Self-help books, encyclopedias, and Feng Shui books were all purchased long ago. If you intend to visit this shop, contact and schedule a crystal ball, tarot card, or numerology reading. They can be accessed for a small fee, but only by agreement.

4 – Whistles

Whistles is a spacious yet unique clothing store located on 12 St. Christopher’s Place. It is considered a must visit for every woman who has a talent for fashion.

Inside, you will find clothes that seem designer, but are much cheaper. actually, that’s the reason why Whistles were created. Designers want all women in London to benefit from access to beautiful clothing, without having to pay thousands of dollars to do it. Don’t worry, despite the fact, these clothes are fashionable, but ready to wear.

5 – The Piccadilly Market

The Piccadilly market is untapped property. Why? because of its location. many do not realize that the Church of St. James hosted this market. At Piccadilly Market, you will find antiques and other collectibles that can be sold on Tuesday. Even though you don’t have the intention to pay, come and look around. As a reminder, the 5 above say London stores are very few of your alternatives. Whether it’s for clothes, home decor, or souvenirs, you have thousands of steps.

4 Great Tours of London England

Are you in the fog preparing for a trip to London, England? If so, you probably knew there was so much you could do and see. This field is filled with beautiful and historic landmarks, all of which are considered to be visited. If you don’t only need to see these landmarks, but learn about their history or see it in a slightly unusual way, a guided London tour is right for you.

When researching London guided tours online, you will see that you have several options. For your convenience, the following is explained below.

1 – The Fat Tire Bike Tours

Fat Tire Bike Tours was founded in 1999. Their tour began in Paris and Berlin, but they have arrived in London and you will be glad they did!


Because of the travel techniques for this tour, namely by bicycle, only those who are healthy and fit are advised to travel. Why? because the trip might be long. The London tour averages 4 hours. Along the way, you will stop and see Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Ben which is very spacious, and the Parliament Building.

What is unique about this tour is that reservations are not needed. all things requested are you arrive on time at the starting point. The tour is rain that is accessible or bright. The tour starts at 11am and starts outside the Queensway Underground stop.

2 – The Original London Sightseeing Tour

The Original London Sightseeing Tour has been in this business for almost 60 years. This indicates that they have perfected a London sightseeing trip. As a tourist, this is in accordance with your virtue. With many buses and tour trails, it is difficult to determine exactly what you will see along the way, but must include the Thames, the Parliament Building, the vast Ben Trafalgar Field is just to name a few

Because you are traveling with the top bus that is opened, also mostly referred to as a multistory bus, this tour is perfect for individuals of all ages. if honestly said, specific activities can be found above for children!

What’s unique about this group tour is the skill to go up and down. When you pay for a ticket, your ticket is authentic for 24 hours. At the scheduled stop, do you need to stop and look around? You can do it. it’s easy to just wait until the next accessible tourist bus arrives and you can start your journey again exploring London.

3 – Buckingham Palace Tours

Buckingham Palace is a well-reputed and extensive equipment in London. This is a residence for both the office and the Queen’s house. This is better known as one of the few castles left in the world.

Throughout most of the summer, visitors can visit parts of the palace. These locations include nineteen staterooms. In these rooms, you will find some of the greatest treasures in British history, including paintings and sculptures.

A guided tour can be accessed at Buckingham Palace. You will be paired with a guide who will guide you on your journey, and also share history and interesting facts about this historic landmark.

4 – Duck Tours in London

Of all the tours in London, you will find the Duck Tour to be the most interesting and unique. Your journey begins by entering a valid amphibious landing car from World War II. These cars, which tend to resemble ducks, have been restored for sightseeing.

Duck Tours of London can be accessed throughout the day. The tour lasts around 75 minutes. By the way, you will be traveling using Westminster. Your tour will begin until it ends with “Splashdown.” This is when your duck car runs directly to the Thames!

The four tours in London that are told above are very few of your choices. You have hundreds to choose from. You can decide on a private tour company or tour guide provided by each company, provided that a guided tour is accessible.

4 Art Museums in London England

Are you a fan of art? If so, you will be happy with your choice. London is home to many art museums. Although all of these museums are worth visiting, there are 5 museums that are specifically assessed and suggested.

1 – The Tate Modern

The Modern Tate Museum is located on Sumner Street. This is a museum that specializes in modern art and opened in 2000. Before that, it was a power plant in the mid-1900s. There are even some original works of art on display from the station. With those mentioned, most of the work found in Tate Modern is from 1900 to the present.

Tate Modern is also known for its family friendly atmosphere, but don’t worry if you are not a parent. Children are busy and having fun with special activities designed only for them. Exhibits can change, but you can find works by James Aldridge, Cy Twombly, and Fred Williams, just to mention a few.


Regarding what visitors should say about Tate Modern, many like it, even though they are not fans of modern art. So, if you are a fan of art, add this museum to the list of places to visit in London.

2 – The Hayward Gallery

The Hayward Gallery is located at Belvedere Drive and opened in 1968. In accordance with travel guides, seeing buildings may turn you away, but remember not how the museum gives an impression, but what it contains inside is.

By the way, you will find one of the main temporary art exhibitions throughout London. Additional on-site assignments include workshops, lectures, and guided tours. Because it is known for temporary exhibitions, the work done can change. You can, however, see the work of Jeppe Hein, Mike Nelson, and Rachel Whiteread, just to mention a few.

Besides the unattractive exterior appearance of Hayward Gallery, guests also find it difficult to find anything negative to mention. All like the atmosphere in it, and also the works on display.

3 – The Royal Academy of the Arts

The museum has a rich history behind it, because it was founded in 1768. Famous for its impressionist art and beautiful statues, this museum is considered a must visit.

Only one of the few exhibits you will find in it includes a retrospective of Monet’s work. in fact, this has attracted so many winners that it has been called the “most successful impressionist exhibition” in the whole world!

Regarding what guests should mention about the Royal Academy of Arts, they enjoy the artwork on display. some also enjoy a special Friday night event scheduled on occasion.

4 – The Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery

Courtauld Gallery Art Institute is located at Somerset House, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in London. This is a famous private gallery and is recommended by art lovers of all ages. By the way, visitors under the age of 18 get a free entrance ticket to the museum. Here, you will find Vincent van Gogh’s work, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and many more here.

Regarding what visitors mentioned about the Courtauld Institute Art Gallery, everyone likes the huge choice of artwork on display. It satisfies all art fans, despite their taste.

The 4 above tell the London art museum which gets a special rating and is recommended by tourists similar to you. Even though you are very enthusiastic about art, remember that there are several other attractions in London that are worth a visit, these include historic landmarks, such as the London Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.

4 Guided Tours of Attractions in Paris France

Do you need to do more than visit Paris attractions? Do you need to learn about their history and its influence on culture? If so, a guided tour is recommended. When on a guided tour, you are paired with knowledgeable and experienced tour guides who can’t wait to share the history of the city they love.

When scheduling a guided tour in Paris, you have several options. For starters, there are day or week tours offered by private companies. This tour takes you all over Paris, making many stops along the way. and also for day trips, there are also tours near various attractions. In this case, an employee of the company will guide you along the way.


So, which Paris tour is the best?

1 – The Eiffel Tour

Guided tours can be accessed from the Eiffel Tower. These tours make it easy for you to get the best from a visit to this historic work of art. If the trip to high rank is not enough, a guided tour facilitates you to go to places that cannot be reached by the general public. The Eiffel Tower tour will take you to the control room, engine room, untapped bunkers, and more.

As for the history surrounding the Eiffel Tower, do you know that the controversy surrounding the construction and opening was public? It is true. You can get more information about these neat facts and more when touring.

2 – The Paris Canal

Exploring and seeing various sights of Paris on foot is cool, but how do you want to be able to relax on your trip? You can do this with the Paris Canal Cruise. Cruise ships take you to an unforgettable trip on St. Canal. Martin and the Seine River.

This one-day cruise is highly ranked and recommended, because it is a unique alternative to exploring Paris’s untapped treasure. If you stop at Muse d’Orsay considered on your cruise, you will be happy. This museum is one of the most famous attractions in Paris

3 – City Walks of Paris

This is perfect if your goal is to learn about the history of the places you visit. Talking about your visit, prevention tends to vary, but you will find yourself following in the footsteps of some of the most famous attractions in Paris. This includes the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, and many more. In line with Yahoo Travel, prevention is often taken directly from Da Vinci Code, which might excite you if you are a fan.

In addition to day trips, guided night tours can also be accessed.

4 – Bateaux Parisiens

If you like the sounds of Paris Canal Cruises, but need more, Bateaux Parisiens is perfect for you. You have 5 different shipping styles to choose from. These cruises include cruise cruises, school cruises, personal shipping, lunch cruises and dinner cruises. Dinner cruises are recommended if you are on a romantic vacation or if your goal is to watch Paris light up at night. Not only can you enjoy acceptable food, but you will be able to see famous attractions along the way.

Very few Paris guided tours mentioned above will be available; However, they are a very good starting point for preparing your trip.

5 Fine Stores to Shop at In Paris France

It’s no secret that Paris is known for its beautiful fashion. this explains why this is the place to live for some of the absolute, best, and largest shopping and boutique centers in the world. Even if you don’t intend to make a purchase, you should visit the 5 stores described below. thinking, Paris is known to have some absolute modes in the world, so why not look at those modes up close and personal?

1 – Tiffany & Co.

In Paris, Tiffany & Co. located within Galeries Lafayette. This shopping center must be visited alone. As for Tiffany, this is a place for satisfying jewelry. actually, this is not the average jewelry that you might see in your local stores. on the contrary, this is a famend world and carved from absolute stone. in addition to jewelry, Tiffany & Co is also home to glassware, tableware and crystals.

Whether you just want to browse or buy birthday gifts, engagement gifts, or gifts for newborns, this is the place.


2 – Louis Vuitton

Whether you consider yourself a fan of fashion or not, you’ve probably heard of the Louis Vuitton brand. This is one of the most prominent brands to start Paris.

A number of Louis Vuitton boutiques can be found on and landed in the area; However, stop on Avenue des Champs-Elysees told. Here, you will find the entire Louis Vuitton product line, this includes handbags and luggage.

Louis Vuitton is known for its prestige, expensive merchandise. If you want a Vuitton bag from Paris, bring your cash. If not, keep visiting the store. You can see firsthand why this expensive brand is considered an absolute seller.

3 – Chanel

Chanel is a household name, even in U.S. Yes, you must have access to Chanel products in your country of residence, but why not see where this mode came from? You can do it in many boutiques in France. Chanel’s main boutique is located near Place Vendome, known as the Paris fashion district.

What is unique about the Chanel brand is that their work is made for use. Unfortunately, many fashion houses tend to concentrate on the mode that most people “everyday” will never use. Called ready-made clothes, these clothes can be used for a day in the office or night in the city. For that factor, you might find yourself making a purchase.

4 – W.H. Smith

If you are traveling to Paris from U.S., visit W.H. Smith is considered a must visit. This is especially true if you have not dominated French. some classify W.H. Smith as a shop today, but this can be a distant dream for travelers.

Inside W.H. Smith, you will find many English language newspapers, magazines, books and travel guides. W.H. Smith is located near the Tuileries Gardens, on Rue de Rivoli.

5 – Christian Dior

Christian Dior is another brand that is reputable and reliable to get started. Like Louis Vuitton, you are advised to have a checkbook. You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars inside. if you don’t have cash to invest, a visit has not been recommended. Yahoo Travel is associated with boutiques on Rue Montaigne as “shopaholic paradise.” Inside, you will find clothes, bags, sunglasses and footwear that are ready for trendy use. This line has also been expanded to include dwelling decorations.

Christian Dior, W.H. Smith, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., and Chanel are just 5 of the many shops and boutiques that you will find in and around Paris. though, these shops get high ratings and are recommended, as a result of their comfort and history in the fashion world. In addition, you must visit shops and boutiques, take a walk. You can be surprised by what you meet along the way.

3 Things You Must Do on a Paris Romantic Getaway

Have you recently chosen Paris France as your next romantic vacation destination? Whether you are traveling to Paris for a single event, such as a birthday, honeymoon, birthday, or just for that reason, you will be happy with your choice to do so. Apart from everything, there is a situation why the City of Paris is something known as “the City of Love.”

In Paris, you will find mlln. opportunity to experience infidelity. The city is so full of love, affection and affair that you will feel it walking on the road with your partner on your side. However, you might want more. If so, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure your romantic vacation as you dreamed of. You can:

1 – Visit the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is considered a mandatory visit for all Paris tourists, but you should stop here if you are on a romantic vacation. The Eiffel Tower has extraordinary historical importance for the City of Paris, but there are many other things in this amazing world.


Inside the tower, you will find two satisfying dining restaurants. In the best known tower, you will see amazing views of Paris. In the middle of the trip, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the city. This is a view that will make the affair in your blood flow. To get the best from a visit to the Eiffel Tower, do it at night. The city lights and lit tower itself are the perfect alternative to end your day before returning to your hotel.

2 – Take a Canal Cruise

On the Canal Saint-Martin, including other Paris canals, you will find many cruise ships that are accessible. These cruises come in several different formats. Common themes include group cruises, private cruises, lunch cruises, and dinner cruises.

In the case of infidelity, a dinner or lunch cruise is recommended. Not only can you enjoy satisfying food, but you can also enjoy many Parisian sights along the way. because of their privacy, private cruises along the canal are cool, but that can be expensive.

Aside from sailing along the Saint-Martin Canal, take a walk along the notified edge. You will find romantic footing, domed tunnels and beautiful water views, all recipes are perfect for infidelity.

3 – remain at the Hotel Ritz

For years, he had seen many famous guests, including Ernest Hemingway. Built in 1898, Ritz Hotel has appreciated its long history, but it is still modernized as time goes by.

Many guests report feeling as if they are nobles, as short as they enter the hotel. That’s just one circumstance why it’s a must for the next Paris romantic getaway. Unfortunately, it’s very expensive to stay at the Ritz Hotel. For that situation, if you can only survive one night, do it.

Taking a Canal Saint-Martin cruise, visiting the Eiffel Tower, and staying overnight at the Ritz Hotel are very few of the many activities you can do on your next trip to Paris. This activity; However, be sure to bring an affair to your day. With that, with adequate attitudes and views, you can easily turn a visit to a museum, such as the Louvre, into a romantic adventure.

5 Great Places to Eat in Paris France

They are the Eiffel Tower and French cuisine. There is no shortage of restaurants, bars, cafes, teahouses, and fast food places that can be tolerated for you to choose from in Paris. With that, if you need a good experience, you have to eat at least once at one of the best restaurants in Paris. So, which restaurant gets special grades and recommendations?

1 – Villa Spicy

After you enter the Villa Spicy cafeteria, you will find a beautiful display of colors and designs. Comfortable, modern and elegant chairs and decorations make you feel as if entering a luxurious 5 star cafeteria. Yes, the food is good, but the cafeteria is also amazing for families, because there is an entertainment center for children on site.

What’s cool about Villa Pedas is direct and online bookings. This shows that you can secure your order when you arrive in Paris or even from your own home.


As for what tourists should mention about Villa Pedas, there are those who want to return when they visit Paris again. Others like fast service, while most think the cafeteria is beautiful. Tourists from the US are happy with the availability of menus in English.

2 – Mandala Ray

Mandala Ray is located on 24 Rue Marbeuf. He is famous for his famous owner, which includes actors John Malkovich, Johnny Depp, and Sean Penn.

The cool thing about Mandala Ray is its elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Serves as a bar and cafeteria. This shows that you can invest dinner in foods that can be tolerated and danced throughout the night.

Regarding what tourists say, like you, about Mandala Ray, who likes it the most. many think the atmosphere is beautiful, the staff are pleasant, and the food is good.

3 – Laduree

This is a high-class cafeteria, which is also a bakery. What’s cool about Laduree is its location. It is filled with other dining restaurants, cafes and boutiques. This shows that you don’t need to travel far to get cold food followed by an afternoon full of shopping. As for what tourists should say about Laduree, this is mainly assessed and recommended. Special houses are macarons, otherwise known as biscuits. many claim the food is tasty, and also authentic.

4 – The Buddha-Bar

The Buddha-Bar is located at 8 Rue Boissy d’Anglais. This is a common but unique cafeteria that is watched by a great Buddha. As for what the client must say about Buddha-Bar, it must also be assessed and suggested. The food is amazing, but there are many comments about the unique atmosphere and music played.

5 – Angelina

Angelina is located at 226 Rue de Rivoli. This teahouse is an early breakfast or lunch place.

What’s cool about Angelina is a special home. African Chocolat, special hot chocolate, and Mont Blanc, special muffins, are a hit among all eaters. Even though brunch is served, drinking tea is the busiest in the morning.

Regarding what travelers should say about Angelina, they mentioned it was an absolute place in Paris to buy hot chocolate. Apart from the delicious food, fast and friendly service is also considered.

As a reminder, there are hundreds of cafes, restaurants, teahouses, and fast food restaurants for you to choose from in Paris. On that note, not all offer the same food and the same level of service. The restaurants tasted above are very popular with tourists, like you.

3 History Museums in London Reviewed

Are you preparing for a trip to London, England? Although Buckingham Palace and London Tower Bridge are all considered to be visiting tourist attractions, you must take part in one assignment. The task is to learn about the history of London and England. What’s positive is that you can do this in one of the many London field history museums.

Because you have several historical museums to choose from, you might wonder which museum is worth visiting. continue reading to understand.

1 – The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum is positioned on Lambeth Road. Unlike many other historical museums, this museum is perfect for individuals of all ages. if honestly said, children are known to like that experience. except for a constant and temporary display, fun tasks are planned for children and adults based on scheduled habits.


As for what you will find inside, you will be surprised. There is a large exhibition hall dedicated only to human-sized war memorabilia. You will find military weapons, these include the Mark V Tank from 1919, sea weapons, and air guns. many from World War I and II. Other exhibitions have been in the spotlight of war since 1945, crimes that are against humanity, secret warfare, and an art gallery are also inside the hotel.

Regarding what guests should mention about the Imperial War Museum, many enjoy this size show. Others comment on the fact that the museum highlights the tragedy and victory of war.

2 – Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Museum

The British War Museum at Winston Churchill is on Tooley Street. even though it is open every day, the museum is famous for its short hours, so check the openings before traveling.

When you step into Winston Churchill’s Britain at the War Museum, you will learn how it feels to be in the middle of a war, namely World War II. except for general department stores that are bombed and air raid shelters, you can read, listen to, and examine items that are historically important. These include old radio broadcasts from Winston Churchill, candle models, newspaper clippings, films, and more.

This museum is also known to serve individuals and families. Children are advised to test their war knowledge after the visit. They can do it with a free worksheet.

In today’s society, we rarely have a company understanding of wartime. For those who are in the U.S., the war that took place today occurred in foreign lands. So, if you are an American who visits London, stopping at Winston Churchill’s Britain at the War Museum is a must visit. because of the level of reality, it will be an experience that you will not forget.

3 – The Houses of Parliament

The Parliament Building is positioned on Westminster Road. even though it’s not constantly referred to as a museum, a visit will feel as if you have just stepped out. The only difference is that you don’t need to pay to enter, because admission is free.

As for how the Parliament Building is so important to London’s history, this is where the British government operates, for 900 years! There is a lot of history in this property. You not only have to see this beautiful landmark from the outside, but also from inside. You will find Crypt Church, Members Lobbies, and Westminster Hall.

As for what the visitors mentioned, many recommend going inside. However, if the wait is long, the view from the outside must be enough to please you, as happened to many previous visitors. When standing outside, you will see incredible Ben and many other historic landmarks in the neighborhood.

As a recapitulation, the Parliament Building, Winston Churchill’s Britain at the War Museum, and the Imperial War Museum are 3 historic museums in London which received extraordinary ratings and suggestions. For other museums, including those that focus on art, please read the printed travel guide or the internet.

3 Paris Canals Worth the Visit

In Paris, you will find hundreds of field attractions. These attractions include monuments, museums, churches, and other historic landmarks. many are seen by first-time visitors. Unfortunately, there are important and beautiful parts of Paris that tend to fly under the radar. That is the canal system. Even though you might not consider the Paris canal as a tourist attraction that must be visited, actually it is.

1 – Canal Saint-Denis

According to the official website for the City of Paris, the Canal Saint-Denis stretches from Parc de la Villette to the closure of the Seine River. 6.6 kilometers long. Passing through many villages and cities, this includes Saint-Denis. The Saint-Denis Canal, which was once only used for transporting goods, is now an additional travel technique for passenger ships, this includes small cruises.

2 – Canal de l’Ourcq

According to the official website for the City of Paris, the Canal de l’Ourcq stretches for 110 kilometers. The use of 10 main channels keeps the water calm and safe for travel. Most of the Canal de l’Ourcq is known for its industrialization, such as the large port commonly used along the road. In terms of tourism, a stretch of canal near La Ferte-Milon has become very popular and recommended. It looks perfect. This stretch of canal is part of the Ourcq River canal.


3 – Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint-Martin, which was once a highly trafficked shipping route, has reduced commercial traffic. This produces an absolute Saint-Marin Canal canal to visit, in terms of tourism and assignments. in accordance with the official website of the City of Paris, he connected the River Seine with Bass de la Villette. The canal uses two swing bridges and 9 locks.

Now that you know 3 Paris canals, you can wonder why you should visit them. Apart from everything, a canal does have an important history, but it looks like it’s just a puddle of water. Not in Paris, because there is so much you can do on or on the canal, this includes :

1 – Take a Cruise

Many companies differ on all three channels offering cruise ships that are open to the public. As for which cruise is right for you, it depends on your personal options. What do you need to see? absolute small villages seen in the Saint-Denis Canal. What form of cruise do you like? There are sightseeing tours, dinner cruises, lunch cruises and private tours.

2 – Take a Walk or Bike Ride

Do you have exercise habits that you want to maintain while on vacation? Instead of finding a fitness center, canal road cycling. Canal Saint-Martin has several absolute bicycle lanes throughout Paris. Not only that, it is a perfect stop for those on a romantic vacation. You and your partner can enjoy romantic walks along the side of the canal, across the pedestrian bridge and through mysterious romantic tunnels.

3 – Take Pictures

There is no complete trip to Paris without photos. actually, you might find yourself photographing hundreds of photos! Despite the fact that the Paris canal you choose to visit, you will find interesting moments and sights that produce beautiful photos. Dome tunnels along the Saint-Martin Canal are worthy of documentation, as well as transport vessels that cross the Saint-Denis Canal and Canal de l’Ourcq.